Galiyat of Pakistan

“Go where you feel most alive” and who wouldn’t feel alive in the arms of nature. Galiyat of Pakistan is very much your dream destination for an amazing vacation. The word ‘Galiyat’ originates as a plural form of the Urdu word ‘Gali’ which implies a rear way between two mountains on the two sides of which there are valleys and it isn't the most elevated point in the range. A significant number of towns in this zone have the word Gali as a major aspect of their names. They hold immense popularity amongst tourists and are widely visited. Abounding with a delightful topography, the mountains are secured by thick pine forests which give Galiyat its one of a kind appearance. It is one of the greenest zones of Pakistan and gets the preferable amount of rainfall in general as compared to most areas. The set-up resorts were created by the British and you will apparently see an overabundance of colonial impact there.

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