Gondrani Caves

18 km North of Las Bela and 175 km from the industrial city of Karachi In Blochistan province of Pakistan are the mysterious Gordani caves. The caves have no authentic historical background but are believed by many historians to belong to the Buddhist people of 7th century. 


There is no authentic history relating to the caves but many local legends have been made popular about the caves which mostly becomes the source of it’s attention. One popular legend relates a story of an unknown king and his daughter Badiul Jamal from the era- of King Solomon. She was haunted by demons and the king called 7 leaders from different areas to save his daughter but eventually the prince of Saif-ul-Mulk defeated the demons. The learned opinion of the site suggests its association to a Buddhist civilization as the site shows Buddhist characteristics. 

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Photo Gallery of Gondrani Caves

Map of Gondrani Caves

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