Gupis valley

Gupis (Goopechh) Valley is located about 112 kilometres to the west of Gilgit on the bank of Gilgit River, District Ghizer, Gilgit-Baltistan. The valley is 2176 meters above sea level. The military once used Gupis fort for defence purposes. Later the king of the time lived in this fort for several years.

Villagers of the valley earn their livelihood through the cultivation and farming of animals, including Marco Polo sheep, ibexes, and yaks. Local castes resided in this region are the Murraty, Zagary, Kakakhail, Bodonge, Broosho, Gilite, Burange, Sukhe, Bujuke, Phate, Dorane, Shamshere, Shale, and Sarale. The people often belong to the Murraty (Yashkuns) caste. The languages are spoken there are Brooshaaski, Khowar and Shhena.

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Map of Gupis valley

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