Hairo Khan Stupa

Both Hairo khan stupa and Mir Rukan Thul are Buddhist relics from the ancient Indian Subcontinent. Hairo khan stupa is believed to have been built between the 5th to 7th century. The 50 feet tall stupa is a dual-floored stupa that also has a ground tunnel arching from North to south. It is located west of Hairo khan village and north or haji khan Laghari village, 15 km north-east of Johi town in Dadu district, Sindh. 

 At a distance of 105.2 km from Hairo khan via National Highway and 149.9 km Via N-55 lies The Mir Rukan Thul. This is one of the many Thuls residing in Sindh. The thul is believed to have been built between 6th to 11th centuries. It is a 60 ft ( 18.29 m) high, dome shaped monument that lies near the city of Kazi Ahmed and Daulatpur. The building was believed to be a Buddhist religion center. 

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