Jehangir Kothari Parade

Jehangir Kothari Parade is a promenade created on land donated by Seth Jehangir Hormusji Kothari to the city of Karachi in 1919. It is located on a height in Karachi, Clifton area of the Seaview Beach on the Arabian Sea Jehangir Kothari was constructed in 1919 and inaugurated to Karachi public in 1920


Motivated by Lady Lloyd, this promenade dock and canopy was constructed at the cost of around British-Indian Rupees 300,000 and was granted to the people of Karachi by Jahangir Hormusji Kothari. The pavilion construction was inaugurated by Lady Lloyd on 5 January 1920 while the pier was inaugurated on 21 March 1921.

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Map of Jehangir Kothari Parade

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