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Jul 25 2024
Khanaspur, Pakistan


Serene, soothing, intoxicating ambience under the skyline looks like painting of fertile imagination of an artist who used the hues of rainbow to paint the landscape of khanspur. Nature’s pearls scattered in green alcoves and crags of khanspur are simply inexpressible in words. One needs to see from heart not by eyes if he desires to taste the beauty of khanspur. Located in Galiyat area of Hazara, khanspur is tourist mountain resort town. It is part of the Ayubia national park. The whole Galiyat region is known for its striking landscape and there is number of tourist spots in Galiyat like Muree, Ayubia, Patriata, Nathiagali and many more but khanspur is distinctive among all these tourists pulling spots.

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Map of Khanaspur

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