Manthal Buddha Rock

In the Manthal village of Skardu town, stands an ancient artifact that testifies the Historical presence of Buddhism in Pakistan. The rock is located 3 km from sadpara road which leads to the refreshing and slightly Sadpara lake. The rock depicts a slightly vague picture of a Buddha surrounded by small Bodhisattva and two standing Metreyias. 


Although the 16th century invasion by Ameer E Kabeer Mir Syed Ali Hamdani had Erased any traces of Buddhist practice and introduced Islam, but the existing relics relating to Buddhist culture suggest that these relics were preserved despite their loss of culture. This particular piece of Buddhist carvings had been brought to national and international attention after a Scottish traveler mentioned it in her book about her travels to the Tibet. Now the Rock is protected under the antiques act of 1975. 

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Photo Gallery of Manthal Buddha Rock

Map of Manthal Buddha Rock

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