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Jul 25 2024
Patriata, Pakistan


Flying through lush green forests surrounded by mighty mountains, clouds soaring around, birds spreading colours and melodious music of birds is what you can experience in Patriata. A hill station about 7500 feet above sea is known as Patriata near Muree is one of most attractive tourist point in Pakistan. It reflects the beauty of nature in bursting bloom and you can enjoy this through famous cable car and chairlift installed at Patriata. Patriata is a perfect package of nature which offers, cool breeze, beauty of mighty green mountains, wildlife in forests below, breathtaking sun-rise and sun-set. Patriata also well-known as New Muree is a hill station just 16 km from Muree which is Hub of tourists come from all around Pakistan and outside Pakistan. With densely forested landscape, it houses very rich wildlife that includes monkeys, leopards, uncountable species of birds and much more.

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