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May 28 2024
Rawalakot, Pakistan



Rawalakot is a beautiful landscape scattered among the heavenly suburbs of heightened mountains and holds the title of being the capital city of Pir Panj Range of mountains. It is also known as ‘The Valley of The Pearls’ or ‘Poonch’ and ‘Mini Kashmir.’ Its significant documented history is moderately fertile and goes way back to World War II, where one of the major tribes living in the area ‘the Sudhan tribe’ played an essential part for the British during their rule by contributing almost a 100,000 soldiers for the war. Also, being the headquarters for the Raja of Poonch before the independence of Pakistan, it has been part of a disputed territory ever since until the lying down of the LOC (Line of Control) after the liberation. Rawalakot is closest to nature, making it is one of the most breathtaking and dazzling cities of Azad Kashmir.

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Map of Rawalakot

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