En Route Pakistan Terms:

Thank you for visiting En Route Pakistan. Please read and acknowledge our Terms & Conditions before using any service. When you visit our website, you are assumed to conform to these terms or conditions otherwise. You are not allowed to use our services. In these terms "We", "Us" refers to En Route Pakistan and "You", "your" refers to you, and Users of our website.

Information On Website:

We strive to give complete and up-to-date information about our company. All missing, typographic, or inaccurate information is unintentional. Without prior notice, we reserve the right to correct or update information at any time.

Terms of use:

As a condition of your use of the Services, you warrant that:

  1. You are at least 18 Years of age or older.
  2. If you are an account holder, you will be responsible for any malicious activity that comes from your account. Therefore, you should safeguard your account information.
  3. All the information provided must be valid and accurate.
  4. You undoubtedly understand that you are responsible for any information shared to or from third party sites.
  5. You will use this website according to these Terms of Use.
  6. You must inform such other persons of the Terms of Use which relate to the reservations made on their behalf, including all applicable rules and restriction
  7. We reserve the right to refuse anybody's access to the services for any reason at any time.

Prohibited Activities:

The material was infringing or unlawful, threatening, abusive language, defamatory, invasive or violating the rights of others privacy or advertising, vulgar, obscene, illegal activity or other objectionable, encouraging behaviour which is a criminal offence that causes civil liability or other violation of any law shall not be posted on or transmitted via our website.

Furthermore, you do not agree to:

  1. Use this website or its contents for any commercial purpose;
  2. In anticipation of demand, make any speculative, false or fraudulent reservation
  3. Access, supervise or duplicate, without our express written permission, any content or information on this website with the use of a robot, spider, scraper or other automation or any manual process;
  4. Infringe any regulations on robot exclusion headers on this website or bypass or override other measures used to prevent or limit access to this website;
  5. Deep-link to any portion of this website for any purpose without our express written permission
  6. "Frame," "mirror" or otherwise insert some aspect of this website into any other site. Without our prior written authorization into any other site.

Any fraudulent or suspicious activity from your account /reservation may result in the cancellation of your bookings or freezing of your account.

Materials on website / Trademarks & copyrights:

All types material on the website, including any advertisement, images, text and/or audio, is our property or has been licensed to us. All trademarks, names, logos and other intellectual property rights existing in this website are also owned or licensed by us. You may use this website for your entertainment and information. Any modification, transmission, hiring, copying (other than for non-commercial personal use), reusing or otherwise using the content of this website for public or commercial purposes is prohibited.

Third-Party Sites:

Our website can contain links to third-party websites which are not operated by us. All such links are provided expressly for your use. We cannot monitor and cannot be held accountable for the content or use of websites that we do not operate.

Reporting Abuse:

If you believe someone’s' content infringes our website terms. Please Use Report function available on site.

Business verification:

En Route Pakistan has adopted a business verification system to ensure that the requested for publishing business is valid or not for the safety and security of the visitors of this site. But En Route Pakistan is not responsible for any miss commitment or misshape from both sides business or visitors.

Business sales and bookings:

En Route Pakistan is providing an annual subscription-based commercial platform to the Tour Operator, Hotels, Restaurants, Transporters, Shops / Galleries and the Guides where the visitors of this site can book or buy the services from them. En Route Pakistan is not charging a commission on the bookings.

En Route Pakistan will not resolve any issue between business and the visitor. En Route Pakistan will not listen to any complaints from both sides business and the visitors.

Disputes Resolution between Business & En Route Pakistan:

En Route Pakistan is committed to customer satisfaction, so if the business has a problem relating to web portal/website or dispute, we will try to resolve your concerns. But if we are unsuccessful, business or En Route Pakistan may pursue claims as explained in this section.

1- Business has to allow En Route Pakistan to resolve informally any dispute between En Route Pakistan and business arising out of in any way relating to the website. The Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy, any services or products provided, any dealings with our customer service agents, or any representations made by En Route Pakistan ("Claims"), the business agrees to communicate their Claim to En Route Pakistan by contacting Customer Support or calling 042 35210706.

2- Any dispute/claim connected with the website or portal of En Route Pakistan shall be referred to any arbitrator or arbitrators appointed individually or jointly, by the En Route Pakistan & Business. The award of the arbitrator or arbitrators, given in good faith, shall be binding upon both the parties i.e. En Route Pakistan & Business.

3-Business & En Route Pakistan agree not to initiate arbitration proceedings until the expiry of 60 days after the date on which business communicated their Claim to Customer Support of En Route Pakistan. If the matter remains unresolved between either side then the matter would be referred to arbitrator or arbitrators as per clause 2 of this part.



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