Golden peak

Spantik (Golden Peak) is a mountain in Spantik Sosbun Mountains subrange of the Karakoram in Nagar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Its northwest face features a tough climbing route known as the "Golden Pillar". It is situated at the east of Diran and northeast of Malubiting. 

Spantik Peak 7027-M was a summit in 1978 by Japan expedition Hashi to Harashi (Storm & Star) which was pilot by Nakamura. The Royal Alpine Club expedition of Japan and the other information is that this peak was first to the summit in 1955 via the SE crest by a German team pilot by Karl Kramer. Spantik is a superb climbing chance for those wanting to further their mountaineering skills and altitude experience and to join the expedition and to have a good chance of success. You should have both professional mountaineering experience to 4000m in the Alps and trekking peak knowledge to 6000m in the Greater Ranges. Its base camp is within simple reach.

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