Gor Khattri & Gorakhnath

From the Mughal empire to the British Rule, and from the concoction of Muslim and Hindu unity to the artistic manifestation of the culture of Kashmir and Gilgit, Pakistan’s beauty is well depicted in its historic buildings. Gor Khattri and Gorakhnath temples are such examples of this beautiful architecture. Located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the temples were built by the ancient Hindu community back in 1851. 

Out of all tourism features, the memorization that historical architecture brings on the table is simply unbeatable. Pakistan has a rich diversity of architecture that reflects the beautiful tales history has to tell us, and it is precisely what you experience when you visit Gor Khattri and Gorakhnath temples.

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Photo Gallery of Gor Khattri & Gorakhnath

Map of Gor Khattri & Gorakhnath

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