Kali’s temple Churiyo

Kasbo village, a hamlet close to Indian border is the epitome of Thar's overwhelming charm. It took around forty minutes to reach Kasbo from Nangarparkar. Churiyo is probably the nearest settlement to the Indian border.  It is a significant destination due to Kali's temple on top of granite rock.
The temple is a natural phenomenon as well. It is set up inside a boulder which stands unsupported except for a tiny foundation in the middle. A miracle of Kali!
The climb to the top is accessible as a newly constructed staircase takes you to the temple. A viewing terrace outside the temple is a perfect place to get a glimpse of the fenced Indian border. When you stepped inside the cave where the temple's holy man will greet you, he did not know much about the records of the temple but claimed that it had been there eternally. There was a concrete statue of Durga resting on a tiger surrounded by offerings and images of other deities.
When you stepped outside and continued climbing to the top, you could see the border fence and ahead, into the empty vastness of Rann of Kutch. 
You could see the Churiyo village from the other side of the rock. The view would have been the same from both sides of the border. 

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Map of Kali’s temple Churiyo

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